Javier Fuentes

Cinematographer & Digital Creator

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What is a filmmaker
and digital creator?

Digital Creation
Pseudonym or trademark, a lucky number that has been with me for a long time, surrounded by some curious stories that I usually tell in a social gathering ...

I am Javier Fuentes, curious about visual communication, stubborn to show that not everything is written, and that there is always a new way to create and communicating.

Caracas, where I was born, taught me that what does not exist we can invent it , creativity and perseverance are my best tools. I have created graphic and audiovisual pieces for more than 25 countries, up to 6 languages.  The limits do not exist, they are just a mirage of our fears.

The advancement of audiovisual technologies and the massive growth of digital media create a perfect space for new professions to shine with their own light.

A digital cinematographer or “Filmmaker” is an audiovisual creator with the ability to direct, produce and post-produce audiovisual pieces by himself or with the essential technical and human crew that 10 years ago impossible to think about.  This meets the growing demand from creators in a fully digitized market.

Digital Creation
The creative world is digitized, ALL...

Advertising, communications, learning, art, music, drawing, photography, cinema, everything goes through a digital process, even printed materials are created on digital platforms for subsequent transformation into analogous supports.

Graphic design, illustration, photography, animation, cinematography, are my communication tools that, by themselves or when combined, create a solid audiovisual product.  I use all of this to create what we now call digital content.

We are living in the digital age. Adaptation is the key to the survival of our ideas and projects.

We have the opportunity to be part of this, We are protagonists of that era.

Let’s take control of our digital communication, and make a mark with our vision, our dreams, our music, our projects, let’s make these tools our allies, let’s make digital media our springboard towards a better future.

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Digital Cinematography and edition
Animation & Motion
Graphic Design & illustration

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