Javier Fuentes

Cinematographer & Digital Creator

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What is a filmmaker
and digital creator?

Digital Creation
I'm a director of Photography and Filmmaker, with 20 years of experience in graphic and audiovisual communication projects, currently with a creative profile focused on documentary cinematography, using Branded Content as a corporate and institutional communication tool.

An arsenal of visual skills that allow me to combine different graphic and visual techniques and tools to carry out more creative projects, as well as a complete portfolio of service providers and audiovisual products, to assemble technical teams and be able to achieve the highest standards in production for digital media, TV, or cinema projects.

More than 1,200 graphic and audiovisual projects around the world endorse me,

Feel free to contact me to discuss the feasibility of your project. Services: Professional Audiovisual Production, Filmmaking | Direction and Cinematography, Photography, 2D animation, Camera operator Video editing and post-production Color correction, Training and consulting.


The advancement of audiovisual technologies and the massive growth of digital media create a perfect space for new professions to shine with their own light.

A «Filmmaker» or director of digital photography is an audiovisual creator with the ability to direct, produce and post-produce audiovisual projects by himself, he can also form a technical team of professionals tailored to the project.

Optimizing resources in a way that was impossible to think of 10 years ago satisfies the growing demand of creators in a completely digitized market.

This is articulated as a progressive audiovisual production company, with more viable structures consistent with the reality of the current digital market and that adapt to the real needs of projects and budgets.

Digital Creation
The creative world is digitized, ALL...

Advertising, communications, learning, art, music, drawing, photography, cinema, everything goes through a digital process, even printed materials are created on digital platforms for subsequent transformation into analogous supports.

Graphic design, illustration, photography, animation, cinematography, are my communication tools that, by themselves or when combined, create a solid audiovisual product.  I use all of this to create what we now call digital content.

We are living in the digital age. Adaptation is the key to the survival of our ideas and projects.

We have the opportunity to be part of this, We are protagonists of that era.

Let’s take control of our digital communication, and make a mark with our vision, our dreams, our music, our projects, let’s make these tools our allies, let’s make digital media our springboard towards a better future.

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